Have you ever wondered why we hear so little about bioresonance in the media?

Television, radio stations and newspapers are regrettably not as politically independent as we would like. What the public can and cannot be informed about is apparently conditional on selection. The judgement of selected experts is then intended to impact the shaping of public opinion.

Formerly there were repeatedly broadcasts on newspaper articles about bioresonance. A number of these were consummately dismissive, while some sanction people with positive experiences to have their say. A well-known account was on the Richard and Judy show where two journalists were able to quit smoking after only one treatment. It is astounding that their striking records and consequently other patients who were able to quit smoking all has now gone quiet. Obviously, a plausible accidental outcome of this was the even negative reports excite the enthusiasm of general society. Along the lines of, if there is such a great amount of restriction to this technique, there must be something good in it! At that point every one of the reports on bioresonance seemed to stop on the double. Rather all the glossy magazines convey reports at regular intervals about the methods for treating allergies the conventional way. One can’t resist feeling that these articles have been duplicated on numerous occasions with slight alterations for the last 30 years.

Why does no one cover the clinical preliminaries of bioresonance or on the decision of the Munich higher local court? That would truly be incredible! Be that as it may, individuals won’t give themselves a chance to be taken for fools.  Today everybody can find the answers to a wide range of subjects on the web. Here you can discover negative and positive reports on bioresonance. Everybody can shape his or her very own conclusion. The impact of the media is regularly overestimated at any rate. Most patients don’t go to therapists’ practices because of reports in the media but word-of-mouth, so at the end of the day, the advice of different patients who have been helped by this technique. Also, patients treated effectively then recommend it turn. This advancement can never again be ceased.


What side-effects are detected with bioresonance?


Bioresonance is a regulatory strategy of treatment, like acupuncture, homeopathy and physiotherapy. Medicine can trigger biochemical procedures in the body at the material level. The consequences for the different organs are for the most part surely understood and reproducible biochemically. It is conceivable to unmistakably recognize the desired restorative impacts and the unfavorable symptoms.

With methods of regulatory therapy such as a bioresonance, the body is given an impulse to which it should react. The right impulse triggers a chain of biochemical reactions in the body which activate the organisms powers of self healing to take countermeasures against the cause of the disorder. An incorrect impulse has no or minimal effect. Consequently, if using the bioresonance method properly, it is difficult to do something completely wrong.

Side effects in the conversational medical sense have not so far being observed by bioresonance therapists. Adverse reactions following therapy may be initial exacerbation of primary immune responses. They are encountered in all methods of regulatory therapy.

An initial exacerbation is generally a sign that the therapy impulse was definitely the right one but the strength of the impulse was too intense. This leads to a temporary worsening of the symptoms, intensification of the pain or the skin eczema, for example. It can also happen that old symptoms from the past, from which the patient had apparently recovered, reappear. Sometimes teeth, which were chronically inflamed yet previously displayed no symptoms, also make their presence felt. If old foci flare up, this can give therapists important clues about hidden therapy blocks.

Reactions such as this in which the patient’s condition deteriorates usually subside within one or two days yet may last longer in individual cases. At the next treatment session the therapist will adapt the therapy according to the individual patients responsiveness. Constant over treatments can, in the worst case, lead to reaction blocks. But even these can generally be overcome with treatment to restore the energy balance.

It is not unusual therefore for the symptoms of chronic disorders not to improve continuously but rather for the patient’s condition to fluctuate somewhat at the start of the treatment. The therapist and the patient may need to be patient at this stage.

Patients with autoimmune disorders should be treated with care as they often have tendency to hyper intensive reactions. Patients should not be given bioresonance therapy during the first three months of pregnancy for forensic reasons.

If therapy fails to be successful, although not as a side effect, this can be problematical in certain cases. If a patient who is known to have violent reactions, e.g. asthma attacks or shock reactions, is treated for allergy, any exposure test should only be conducted under clinical conditions. No test, neither conventional medical nor energetic allergy test, can predict with a 100% certainty whether exposure to the allergen will cause a reaction in the patient or not. Emergency medication should continue to be carried as a precaution.

Does bioresonance therapy help everyone and with all disorders?

There is no medical method in the world which will help everyone. Man is not a machine which runs according to technically reproducible rules. Every person is an individual and disease should be regarded as a largely multifactorial product of physical, psychological and social circumstances. Organs and tissue, which are completely destroyed or missing, cannot be restored by any method, not even bioresonance. Deficient enzymes, vitamins and nutrients must also be physically supplied. Applying a foods biophysical information to a patient will not satisfy their hunger! Provided responsive tissue is still president, an improvement can often be brought about in the patient’s condition through bioresonance. Oscillation patterns, which are superior to matter, will often produce an effect where chemical substances are no longer effective at the physical level.

Severe psychological trauma cannot be treated with bioresonance either. A difficult childhood, abuse, traumatic events and chronic frustration can cause or encourage illness or impede its treatment. The bioresonance device cannot change mother-in-laws or partners! There are also patients who derived benefit from their illness, usually subconsciously. While they are ill, they are guaranteed the affection and care of their partner and family. Or they have a reason not to have to go to work. There are patients who run from one therapist to another and try everything to continually receive confirmation that they are incurably ill.
When they feel that they are getting better, the therapy is discontinued with often-flimsy excuses. Patients who’ve applied for sickness related benefits are often untreatable.

You may have noticed through the content of this website that the word ‘cure’ is never used. Bioresonance can relieve the symptoms of many medical conditions or even make them disappear. Whether the patient is completely cured depends largely upon his mental attitude to the disorder and upon other psychological and social factors. Many therapists combine the bioresonance method with other conventional medical and naturopathic methods of therapy. A sensitive therapeutic discussion can often work wonders!

Experienced bioresonance therapists report an 80 to 90% success rate, depending on the patient group. One patient in nine or ten unfortunately cannot be helped. Every, otherwise good, practice has its share of failures. All therapists must learn to deal with this. For we aren’t ‘gods in white coats’. We should learn to except failure and concentrate on the success stories. The 80:20 rule is well known in economics. We spend 20% of our working time on 80% of our routine patients and 80% of our time on 20% of our difficult patients.

The reason for therapy failing may be an undiscovered or untreated physical or psychological therapy block. Or perhaps the right allergen or toxin that is responsible hasn’t been found? Or it may be that the therapist is not sufficiently experienced. We should not be afraid of referring the patient to another therapist. Patients and therapists not only enter into a treatment contract enshrined in law. The chemistry, or as we would now more accurately say, the vibes must be right.

To sum up, bioresonance is a method of diagnosing and treating patient’s, which provides a relief to very many disorders and can help restore the patient’s health.

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