When my eighteen-month-old son was beyond all conventional medical help in Trinidad, my wife and I sort the help of Dr. Ignacio Moya, from Venezuela, a conventional doctor who is well versed and experienced in homeopathic medicine was sought to ascertain what was the prognosis with their child.

With in forty-five minutes, this swollen, semi-comatose, Infant was diagnosed, treated and began responding positively to the treatment. The causative organism and possible source of infection was identified.

A few years later, my son demonstrated a severe life-threatening reaction to shrimp. After managing the initial episode, conventional medicine could offer no satisfactory solution to the prevention of additional manifestations. Their best recommendation was to have an Epi-pen handy in case of future emergencies and try to get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Not satisfied, alternative approaches again we sought for relief. This time Dr Juan Pablo Moya, son of Dr. Ignacio Moya, also an experienced conventional doctor who also practiced homeopathic medicine. He indicated that his allergic reaction would be successfully treated with Bio-resonance Therapy. This has proven to be true. My son is now a happy, healthy 16-year-old.

These experiences stimulated my interest in homeopathic medicine to aid in managing varying health issues and has let me to the establishing of The Alternative Bio-Energetic Complementary Medical and Health Clinic. (ABC Clinic), to share these avenues of medicine with the wider public.

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