ABC Medical & Health Clinic assist patients by using BioResonance Therapy (BRT)

Our BioResonance Therapy (BRT) is a painless and quick method of testing and treatment that offers the possibility of specifically treating all kinds of diseases successfully!

Are you suffering from sleep deprivation?

Getting enough REM Sleep is the easiest way to: Lose weight, Raise your metabolism, Improve Immunity and slow the aging process. Our REM Sleep formula provides nutrients and probiotics to prevent sleep deprivation.

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Lose weight, Raise your metabolism, Improve Immunity and slow the aging process.

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My Journey with Alternative Bio-Energetic Complementary Medical and Health Clinic.

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What side-effects are detected with bioresonance? Find the answer in our FAQ.

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What to expect and What you need to bring to your visit toABC Medical & Health Clinic

Anti-Smoking Therapy

Trying to quit smoking? Click here to read how Bioresonance therapy has helped many to do the same. Smoking is a major cause for alarm all over the world...

Bemer Therapy for Poor circulation

Having circulation problems? Try our Bemer Therapy! A proper balance between this energy is needed in order to lead a happy life. For this, our body must be supplied with a sufficient supply of this electromagnetic energy....

Improved clarity, concentration & memory

Opti-Brain is the most powerful nootropic available and contains nutrients that are proven to: Improve mental clarity Boost ability to focus * Improve concentration * Increase alertness * Raise intelligence * Boost awareness...

Benefits of a Detox Foot Bath

Detox foot baths are a natural way to remove toxins from your body. This painless procedure is popular among natural health and healing enthusiasts. This bath is an option for people interested in removing toxins from their body....

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