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BEMER Therapy

Our body functions effectively due to two major mechanisms present in our body. First mechanism is the nervous system connecting our brain to the rear end through a spinal cord which is spread in the body. The other one is the heart and its tributaries called veins and arteries, which supply blood to each and every part of the human body. These two mechanisms keep us stay fit and healthy. If any problem occurs in these mechanisms, the human body becomes prone to diseases.

BEMER Therapy

Bemer Therapy

The heart consists of small blood vessels which supply oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and organs of our body so that we stay healthy. The blood vessels also dispose of the toxic elements and waste generated in the body. That is why there are two parts to the human heart. The first part pumps blood containing oxygen and other nutrients to the rest of the body. The other part carries the deoxygenated blood containing waste to the heart to purify it and send it again to the rest of the heart. This small network of blood circulation spread across the body through small blood vessels is called microcirculation. At times, these corpuscles or small blood vessels get blocked or become inefficient in working. This leads to improper circulation of blood to the body. Some of the body parts are not able to get the nutrition that it wants and this leads to disease or problems in the body. BEMER machine comes to the rescue here. The machine is capable of removing the impaired small blood vessels and increases the blood flow in the body which leads to the perfect working of the human body.

There have been a lot of signals which are being researched upon by the scientists to develop specific and modified signals. The research is being carried on the primary biorhythm and local procedures of regulation. Each and everybody is working on the principle of electromagnetic energy. This energy helps our body to stay fit and fine at all times. A proper balance between this energy is needed in order to lead a happy life. For this, our body must be supplied with a sufficient supply of this electromagnetic energy. This not only helps us in self-regulating our body but also self-heal it naturally. This therapy is a novel approach to solve the energy-related problems in the human body. When the body is supplied with the required amount of energy it becomes vibrant, resistant and glowing.

The current environment does not offer pure air and good food to the people. The people do not exercise now –a- days. This leads to increased stress levels due to work and improper nutrition leads to a lot of health problems. The pollution also contributes to the process and this makes a living being’s reduced level of energy. Loss of appetite, early aging and reduced immunity power are some of the symptoms which are seen due to reduced levels of electromagnetic energy in human beings. The BEMER therapy comes to the rescue as it helps in correcting the disturbance in this force present in our body by repairing the blocked small vessels of the body. This machine helps people self-heal themselves and regain the balance of life by treating them naturally. There are no side effects of the BEMER therapy and that is what makes it a demanding option. This machine is trained to do it all. No matter what the problem of the patient is BEMER can treat it. Be it osteoporosis, asthma, gout, poor circulation, tinnitus or bad digestion. The machine or BEMER 3000 as we call it is nothing but the disc of silver, which is kept over our body for some time and then removed. It contains the good energy which gives the power of self-healing capability. It transmits the magnetic goodness throughout the human body. How are we supposed to get the treatment done? Are we supposed to lie down or sitting is okay! Let us understand the process as to how it works?

A person needs to lie down on the bed and the mattress is all embedded with magnetic coils. Then the mattress starts emitting an impulse which is almost as same as that of the earth’s impulse. This allows the individual to heal down slowly from life taking diseases. When the instruction manual of the machine is read out thoroughly we understand that the manual claims the machine to help increase the blood circulation rise by 15% in terms of oxygen. The flow of blood through capillaries also increases by 12%. This promotes the body to start the process of self-mechanism of healing. The device also comes along with a DVD which demonstrates how the machine should be used. The DVD also guides the user through the do’s and don’ts of the machine Handling. The instruction manual helps the user in understanding how to operate it and set the session to work. How many times during a day this has to be done and for what amount of time? All these questions are answered beforehand so that there is no confusion in using it. The session of BEMER usually lasts for 10 minutes. It is a comfortable one as the patient is supposed to lie down on the mattress quietly closing the eyes. After which he/she can get up. The treatment can also be taken in the sitting position twice a day. The duration can range from 8 to 10 minutes here. The treatment does not leave any mark over the body. The treatment goes on smoothly and with no sound, there is complete silence maintained. The machine is also sound proof and does not make any irritating sounds while operating.

Patented by Wolf A Kafka in 1998, BEMER therapy exists when it was invented in Germany and then it was made available to other countries. The therapy spread out to around 48 countries then. The research took Kafka 16 years to complete and develop the therapy, which is healing a number of diseases and making people healthy. The process is scientifically proven and the FDA approved the class I medical device, but yet to approve the class II. Anyhow, the medical stores and doctors suggest this machine to people and it is considered to be helpful in most of the cases. What is more interesting to know is that the device is completely safe for children and adults. At the same time, it can be made a family machine and even pets can be healed through this machine. Well, there is a lot to this machine!



The BEMER machine provides a number of advantages to the users. These are:

  • The BEMER is known to enhance the nutrient and oxygen level in the body.
  • It increases the general blood flow in the body by repairing the corpuscles.
  • It helps in correcting the mechanism of the body and proper waste disposal.
  • The cardiac functions become flawless and the heart stays healthy.
  • The person feels energetic throughout the day.
  • The mental strength of a person also gets enhanced as the circuits of the nervous system also get the proper body to work with.
  • The problem of taking sleeping pills and suffering from insomnia is a common problem found in people now-a-days. With the help of BEMER a person starts getting good time night sleep, which enables in the efficiency enhancement during work.
  • The metabolism of the body stays normal and the body feels more relaxed then stressed at all the times. This leads to happy mood and good behavior.
  • The body glows when the BEMER therapy sets the biological cycle at its correct place. This allows the person to look fresh and attractive and the acne and pimples are gone from the face. BEMER machine can be your new makeup kit girls!

Special aid to the Sportspersons:

The therapy is not only used by the common people suffering from the modern life imbalances and other diseases. Apart from the normal ones, sportspersons also take help of this machine. BEMER therapy can work wonders in improving the game of the players. The efficiency of the players gets increased when they use the machine. Also, we all know how the sportspersons are prone to the risks of injuries during playing. Be it a cricketer, a tennis person, a basketball player, a footballer, a hockey player or an athlete they are all prone to the risk of getting injured while playing. These injuries can sometimes make them lose the most awaited tournaments which they have practiced from time immemorial or can also lead to permanent failure of working on some parts of the body which will disqualify them from playing the game in the future. The BEMER therapy comes at rescue in both the situations to the sportspersons. It allows them to heal in time and attend to the events they were preparing for and in many cases the major problems are also solved and the sportspersons are not disqualified but set in the recovery mode. A BEMER therapy trainer can be all the time be made ready at the time of matches so as to ensure that in case a person suffers from any injury, he/she is made to lay down on the bed and then the other medications can be done simultaneously.

Precautions to be taken:

There are some points which must be kept in mind before using this machine that those who suffer from back pain are not advised to use the machine in any case. In case you are advised by your doctor to not to make use of that machine, you cannot use it. The machine can be detrimental to your health if you are suffering from severe migraine and the vibrations can really make you feel sick. Therefore, proper care should be taken before using the machine and the instruction manual should also be referred in detail. The machine is good but do not let it harm you more by using it for the wrong problems.

However, the therapy is found to be a boon for low back pain patients. It has been recorded through a study that the therapy was able to cure a person suffering from low back pain by reducing the pain and reducing the fatigue levels of the individual too. This finding really made it a revolutionary product to be used. The therapy is not for short term though. It is a therapy which starts working on a patient slowly. The pace is really slow as the machine heals the body bit by bit in a natural way. The therapy when used for a longer period of time helps the patients recover from the disease completely. There are no shortcuts to healing available in this option. The process is low. This becomes a disadvantage of the product sometimes as people in today’s world want solutions which are not slow. The solution has to be fast, the healing has to be quick. The fast working methods are not that much reliable though. The slow working, but perfect healing is the key factor of the therapy. The same study was carried out on people who suffered from the knee pain. The study improvised and the patients were also made to take to the therapy along with other forms of exercises. The results were that the therapy increased the efficiency by improving the patient condition to recover. Those who were not getting the therapy along with other exercises reported low level of improvement. This enumerated the importance of the BEMER machine in this field of study too. There are a number of uses to this machine. It is magical in healing properties it has. Just with the ancient knowledge of the electromagnetic forces the human bodies are cured.

Buying of BEMER:

Enough of the benefits and word of precaution for the miraculous machine! Now let us see what the specification of the machine is and how we can buy it? How we can purchase it?

This article will discuss buying the pro set of the BEMER machine which has it all and offers the best quality. It consists of 4 applicators, seven accessories, signal tester and the BEMER box professional. It is a complete package in itself and it is the most cost-effective one too. It is made for both the professional users as well as the home users. It is easy to control and the functions are very easy to understand. The program is multi touch enabled, which allows access to all the 10 points of intensity which can be managed easily. It has the capability of supporting two applicators at the same time. The updates can be fed into the system with the help of a mini-USB port and the card slot available allows for the exchange of settings in the system.



The extremely personalized applicators which are made available to you are the sweetest creation B. Box Professionals can ever give you! The applicators are small devices which can be worn on the specific body part which is prone to problems. You have the option to use it on your whole body or on a separate body part. Lying down on the mattress is not always possible for a person and in this case these applicators help the person. That is how the person can work and get benefitted by the therapy as well.

The company also gives you a set of accessories for every situation. If you are out of the home and you want therapy, you can simply make use of the car plugs available and place the BEMER on your car seat and sit over it. In case you are at home, you can make use of the wall mount. The same option is available to you in case of the office hours too. When the product arrives at your door you will be amazed to see the sort of pampering done to you by the company. There are attachment belts, wall mount, protection glasses, power supply, Handle B grip, fixing strap, car power cable, full application B.BODY pro, Light application B-Light, Signal tester B-Scan, Small scale application B-Pad etc. The machine is configured and innovated with the top makers in the industry and the machine has set standards by its complex and tuned designs. The development of such a masterpiece is a hard work of over 2 years. The amplitude and frequencies of the device are set from the yearlong German technology which is patented and is known for its authenticity. The machine is also capable of making complex calculation of the signals received from the body and indicates results along with the level of improvement.

The product is said to have been given a warranty period of 3 years where the company promises the buyer to replace the product in case of any problems of malfunctioning is faced in any part of the machine. There is mechanical support provided in case of malfunction as the technical servicemen correct the problems occurring in the machine. The customer support is all the time ready to take the calls of the loyal customers. Along with the renowned institutes of the America and the Europe, the research team of the company is employing scholars to look into the current mechanisms of the machine and make it function even more efficiently in the future. Innovation is another aspect which is given importance and the research and development team keeps on searching new ways to optimize the costs and maximize the benefits reaped by the customers of the company. The team takes upon the onus of improvement and creation of new aspects of the machine. The top management of the company spends upon these functions to keep on modernizing the equipment.

The company is obsessed with the idea of making the world a better place and that is why their mission is to create a million number of people free from diseases. It is the device BEMER which has reported to be curing almost all types of diseases. The improvements are slow but on a regular basis. The cost of the products is also kept minimal, so that the benefits are reaped by a large group of people. The company also aims at providing the best customer service support 24*7. The dedicated employees not only seek out making good machine and serving people, but it also stays ready for any grievance Redressal. The problems can be sent to the company through their e-mail id, or there are customer care numbers provided which can be used to convey the message. The technical persons are also available in case the machine is not able to function properly. Total customer – orientation is their motto. There are some offers where the company allows people to become the dealers of the product. This is done through becoming the distributor of the product. The rules of becoming a distributor are not so stringent but some eligibility criteria are required to be fulfilled. Interested candidates can apply for the same on the website address or can call the company directly. The set can cost you $4290 and the other products if purchased separately will cost you differently. Suppose, you want to buy protective goggle, it will cost you $39. In case you want to buy a B Sit it will cost you $590. The cost of B Light is $569 and the rechargeable battery for B Box costs $209. These are the costs provided for the different components and the cost for a complete package is also quoted. The purchaser must decide whether the need for a complete package is there or separate components can solve the problem he/she is facing. The machine BEMER is an electromagnetic pulse emitting device which is invented for the betterment of the mankind and the concept of this machine is really getting popular. With coverage of 48 countries, the ambit of the machine is increasing very quickly.